The product portfolio of TER INGREDIENTS is highly responsive to the needs of manufacturing companies in the food and feed industries.

We supply a wide range of products that can be summarized in the following main categories:

Acidulants | Amino acids | Antioxidants | Emulsifiers | Energy Drink Ingredients | Food colors | Flavorings | Preservatives | Sweeteners | Thickeners | Vitamins

Some of the products can also be used in other application areas such as cosmetics, pharma, and sometimes even in technical applications.


Isopropyl alcohol / IPA (Tech Grade)

Isopropyl alcohol / IPA (Tech Grade)

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is a colorless liquid that is used in industrial processes as a cleaner and disinfectant. Isopropyl alcohol is a universal and highly effictive dissolving agent that can be applied to various materials and surfaces.


In the chemical industry isopropyl alcohol is used to produce acetone, isopropyl esters or isopropylamine. A medical use as disinfectants is also a common use. Isopropyl alcohol is suitable as a dirt and fat-dissolving cleaning agent. Isopropyl alcohol is also a component of fuel cleaners (to remove water) and serves as an extraction and cleaning agent for natural products.

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