The product portfolio of TER INGREDIENTS is highly responsive to the needs of manufacturing companies in the food and feed industries.

We supply a wide range of products that can be summarized in the following main categories:

Acidulants | Amino acids | Antioxidants | Emulsifiers | Energy Drink Ingredients | Food colors | Flavorings | Preservatives | Sweeteners | Thickeners | Vitamins

Some of the products can also be used in other application areas such as cosmetics, pharma, and sometimes even in technical applications.


Amines - derivatives of ammonia


Amines are derivatives of ammonia, produced by using the transamination of aldehydes or the decarboxylation of amino acids. In these organic derivatives, at least one hydrogen atom has been replaced with alkyl groups. Due to a free electron pair of nitrogen, amines are alkaline.


Our amines are used in paints, construction-related products, adhesives, sealants, leather, textiles, paper and metal processing.

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