The multi-talented TEOS

Continual development of our product range with innovative approaches is an absolute must for us. Whether it’s for coatings, adhesives, or the metalcasting industry – our new binding agent TEOS gives you optimal support for greater performance in a wide variety of fields. Are you curious about our binding agent? Read on to find out more about how it is used and the benefits it offers!

Our resistant and inorganic binding agent

What is TEOS?

TEOS (TetraEthylOrthoSilicate) is known particularly as a binding agent. It reacts with moisture, which causes a condensation reaction. From this reaction, TEOS forms a bonding agent like silica gel, as well as an ethanol byproduct, both of which evaporate. The result of this is the resistant and inorganic siloxane resin (binding agent).

Where is TEOS used?

TEOS is used as a liquid starting material for the production of silicic acid. It also acts as a starting material for production of silicone resins (silicon oxide) and likewise functions as a raw material for production of silicone oil.

As an additive for coatings, it is a good choice for heat- and chemical-resistance thanks to its stability. For corrosion coatings, TEOS can be mixed with fire-proof powders (zircon, bauxite, quartz powder) for optimum results.

Other areas of application:

  • Marine & protective coatings
  • Industrial coatings

All the advantages at a glance

TEOS scores points in its various areas of application, primarily due to the following advantages:

  • Improves the beading effect of glass
  • Good penetration due to small molecule size
  • UV stability
  • No aesthetic change to the subsurface
  • Water vapor permeability is maintained

We will be happy to present the product to you in more detail in a telephone call, or we can send you further information via e-mail on request. Feel free to contact us – including with questions about other products!

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